A Mobile Boutique

The Fashion Mobile“A mobile boutique? What’s that?” That is usually the response we get when we tell people what we are starting with The Fashion Mobile. I tell them basically it is a store inside of a truck. It’s like a food truck but we sell merchandise instead of food! How’s that for something new?!

We picked up the truck last Friday and I have to say that I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. I was very nervous about how the color would look. We picked the color from a swatch that was only about 2″ x 4″ long. And there are no do-overs if we didn’t like the color. But it turned out better than expected. The finish is semi-gloss too so it looks super shiny!

Right now we are busy getting the inside of the truck ready. I put in the flooring yesterday. I used some peel and stick tiles that are supposed to be ebony marble. It looks pretty cool. We also picked out the cabinets. We want to give it that “walk in closet” feel. They’ll be white and will have cubes, shelves and a hanging area for clothes and dresses. I also bought the materials to make the walls behind the cabinets. We’ll be putting wallpaper on here to make it look nice and finished.

We also made an old frame into a cool looking mirror so when you try on a shirt or look at jewelry you can see how hot it will make you! There is still a ton to do to get ready for our first event. We’re still getting merchandise in so that shouldn’t be a problem. I just hope that we can sell it!

We’re posting events as soon as we know about them so check the events page so you can find out where we’ll be. Gotta get back to working on the truck now. Talk to you later.

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