About Us

Teresa and David Grim with The Fashion MobileI know what you’re thinking – “Just what the heck is The Fashion Mobile?” Is it a store? Is it a delivery van? Is it just a big turquoise truck? Or is it something else? Well, the answer is all of the above. The Fashion Mobile is Minnesota’s first mobile boutique. Essentially we are retail store inside of a truck!

My name is David Grim. My wife Teresa and I live in Stillwater, MN. A couple of years ago we had a traditional brick and mortar retail store in Stillwater on Main Street (literally). It was called Doozie Chic Boutique and it sold women’s and children’s clothes, gifts and accessories. We also hosted parties there for kids and adults. We ran it for over two years but unfortunately we had to close it. That was a sad day. A lot of people liked the store but we just couldn’t make it work out.

The desire to have a store though never went away though. We kept thinking that one day we would open a store again and use the lessons we learned to make it better. Different but better. But we didn’t want to spend as much money to open a new store as we did last time. That was expensive! There had to be a more affordable way to have a cool boutique.

And that is when Teresa saw an article in Lucky magazine that talked about stores that were like food trucks but sold merchandise instead. Yes!! That was it. So we took action immediately. We registered a domain name, formed a company and started looking for a vehicle. Within a month we found a used Chevy step van and bought it.

Teresa started buying new merchandise and I worked on getting the truck ready. Getting the truck painted, building the shelving and displays, getting the brakes fixed, insurance and another 50 things all going on at once! It’s been crazy I tell ya.

So we got our new store and are in business all in about 3 months! We are super excited to get this adventure going and see how it goes. Who knows, maybe we’ll have The Fashion Mobile vehicles all over the country. Now that would be cool.