Accessorize Yourself!

The most important items in your wardrobe are ACCESSORIES!! With accessories you can take a dull outfit and make it fabulous! The Fashion Mobile will be loaded with accessories. There will be jewelry, scarves, hats and purses; everything you need to spice up your clothing. I love taking a basic outfit and adding that key item or two to make it POP!

Recently I had on my favorite outfit…black pants, black tank and a black sweater and added a hot pink scarf and big hoop earrings. It went from ninja suit to stylish in one quick swoop! So if you don’t want to buy all of the bright colorful dresses and blouses you are seeing everywhere right now, just buy some fun, colorful accessories and you will be sure to put a splash in your summer wardrobe.

One very important (if not the most important) accessory is your PURSE. I love purses! I don’t think a woman can have too many purses. You need to have one for every season and every occasion. Lucky for you then that The Fashion Mobile will have a great variety of clutches, mid-size purses, large handbags and totes.

I found some great bright colored purses from Big Buddha and Shiraleah…. royal blue, yellow, hot pink, turquoise, orange, green…all of the fun summer colors! I also will have a variety of Glenda Gies purses.  I am a big fan of these purses because they come in beautiful textured fabrics that you can’t find anywhere else. Every time I use one of my Glenda Gies purses I get several compliments along with…”Where did you get that purse?!”. Well now I can tell people they can get them from The Fashion Mobile!

Jewelry can make or break an outfit. Everyone needs simple, everyday pieces that go with everything but its also good to have some fun pieces that will add a little flair to your look. I have colorful beaded cuffs and necklaces from Pink House Imports that will spice up your summer wardrobe. I also have stone pendants, vintage pieces and lots of earrings by local companies including yours truly. I love making jewelry so I will be featuring some of my stuff in The Fashion Mobile.

In addition to purses and jewelry, The Fashion Mobile will have colorful scarves, dresses, tops, hats and totes from Mud Pie, M Rena, Lunamari, Fine Whine and many others at a variety of price points and styles. I will be constantly adding styles and brands so you will always find something unique when you visit us or when we come to you for a house party!

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Kareem January 31, 2013 at 12:38 pm

Awesome! I was out buying a ice cream truck for my brother and said to myself i should open up a store in a truck. I didn’t know people were doing it. The cool part is that like food trucks everyone can have something different. I have a an art and apparel company called Specs Crew. I plan to sell my art and apparel plus vintage clothes and apparel. I also plan to paint. awesome. How did you decorate the interior? was it expensive?


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