Starting The Fashion Mobile in 3 Months

The Fashion MobileStarting The Fashion Mobile in 3 months was a whirlwind of activity! My wife and I did so much in a short amount of time that it has all been a blur. But it also has been a lot of fun doing it. We didn’t get into too many fights or arguments about how it should look either. That was mainly because I just did what she said and stayed out of the way!

Seriously though we did put this together pretty fast and we are very pleased with how everything turned out. Considering we didn’t even have a truck or know where to even find one to going to our first show last night I think that we did pretty good. So what exactly did we have to do? Let me tell you.

Here is what we did to go from concept to finished product. The order may not be correct but the actions taken are what is important:

  • Find a company name that had a .com domain available to purchase
  • Form a LLC
  • Sign up for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (need to add some pics here!), YouTube (need to add some videos here!) and other social media sites
  • Find a truck to buy (found it on Craigslist by the way)
  • Get the truck repaired – brakes, oil change, kingpin replaced and more
  • Get a truckload – literally! – of merchandise
  • Build a website
  • Get the truck painted
  • Design a logo
  • Have logos installed on truck
  • Build out the interior of truck
  • Pick out a wallpaper (I messed up one whole roll so what took 3 rolls should have been 1.5!)
  • Find cabinets, hooks, rods and flooring
  • Figure out lighting inside the truck – still working on this
  • Price all the merchandise
  • Build steps and railings to go into the truck. Thanks for the help Brian Posch!
  • Find places festivals and shows to go to
  • Get permits to sell in different cities
  • Schedule a launch party at our house
  • And a bunch of other little things

All of these separate little steps added up to getting our little Fashion Mobile finished in just over three months. A lot of work to be sure. But hopefully all of it will be worth it for our customers to come and find some great deals on some really cool merchandise. Let us know if you have any questions or comments about what we have or how we can help you. Thanks.


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